Board of Adjustment


The Board of Adjustment hears appeal requests on decisions made by the City official's regarding certain building requirements, authorizes zoning variances and regulates non-conforming uses. The Board is a quasi-judicial body that holds a hearing in which an applicant must present evidence supporting his or her request.

Commission Meetings

The Board of Adjustment meets at 7:00 pm on the third Monday of the month as needed. A fiscal year calendar for applicant submission deadlines and meeting dates is set and approved each year. The Board of Adjustment meetings are held at:

Council Chamber of the City Hall

105 S. Cockrell Hill Road

Ovilla, TX 75154

Commission Members

  • PL1 - Barbara Betik
  • PL2 - Carol Richtsmeier, Chair
  • PL3 - Stephanie Heimbuch
  • PL4 - Deborah Kennedy
  • PL5 - Phil Lynch, Vice Chair
  • PL6 - Brett Johnson, (Alternate)
  • PL7 - Michael Aguilard, (Alternate)


Agendas for all meetings are stored in the "Archives" section and may also be accessed here: Board of Adjustment Agendas.