The City of Ovilla operates as a Type A General Law City.  In 1996, the City Council, by Ordinance, created the position of City Administrator to oversee the day to day operations of the City.  Ordinance Number 2015-018 repealed Chapter 9, Article 9.03 Division 2 of the Code and adopted new provisions in place thereof establishing the office of the City Manager.

The Administration Department maintains administrative responsibility of city management, to include the annual budget, and is responsible for the overall direction of all city employees.

Long-term City Secretary Pam Woodall was appointed to the CM position on January 13, 2020 during a regular city council meeting. Municipal government is not foreign to Pam.  She is a 26-year retiree from the City of Cedar Hill. 

David Henley was appointed by the City Council on January 30, 2023.  

David Henley