Posted on: January 12, 2017

Ovilla residents encouraged to participate in municipal government by serving -

Eligible citizens are encouraged to complete an application. (An individual must be a resident of the City to be eligible.) Several Boards have openings for an opportunity for volunteer service: 

  1. The Board of Adjustment has one alternate position (BOA). 
    1. The Board of Adjustment hears appeal requests on decisions made by the City Official regarding certain building requirements, authorizes zoning variances and regulates non-conforming uses.  The Board is a quasi-judicial body that holds a hearing in which an applicant must present evidence supporting his or her request.  This is a five-member Board with two alternates, appointed by Council.  Board Meetings: This Board meets at 7:00 p.m., on the third Monday of the month as needed.  
  2. The Municipal Development District Board of Directors (MDD). 
    1. This Board of Directors was authorized and created by the voters of Ovilla in 2009, for the imposition of a sales and use tax at the rate of one-fourth of one-percent for the purpose of financing development projects beneficial to the district.  The MDD consists of a five-member Board of Directors appointed by Council.  Board Meetings:  This Board meets the second Monday of the month, quarterly or as needed at 5:00 p.m.  (A member of this Board may either be a resident of Ovilla or in the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). 
  3. The Municipal Service Advisory Committee (MSAC). 
    1. This Committee was established July 28, 2014.  The Committee is comprised of three resident members, appointed by Council, and two ex-officio members, being the Public Works Director and the City Manager, that serve to assess current and future development and capital improvement budget recommendations.  This Committee works strictly as an advisory committee to the Council. The Committee recommends to the Council a Capital Improvements Plan each year.   Board Meetings:  The MSAC meets the first Tuesday of the month, quarterly or as needed at 5:00 p.m.

To indicate your interest in serving on a board or commission, please complete an application and mail or bring to the Municipal office, 105 S. Cockrell Hill Road, Ovilla, TX 75154, to the attention of the city secretary. Please call the office of the City Secretary at 972-617-7262 to acquire additional information on each of the boards' purpose.

Board/Commission Application
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