Mission Statement

The mission of the Ovilla Fire Department is to provide services designed to protect citizens and property of the City of Ovilla and outlying areas. All persons and or departments requesting assistance from the Ovilla Fire Department as a result of the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies, or hazardous conditions created by man or nature will be dealt with in a professional manner, consistent with the economic capability of the community.


The Fire Department is a combination department, consisting of one part-time chief, one part-time deputy chief/fire marshal and 35 part-time firefighters, and 6 volunteer firefighters. The department provides resources for responding to emergency incidents within the service area with a goal to save lives, minimize property damage and provide mutual aid assistance to other agencies.

The Fire Department on average responds to 50-60 calls per month such as structural, vehicle, grass/brush and other fires, entrapment rescues, emergency medical, first responder haz-mat incidents, general public services and emergency management assistance.


There is always a need for additional volunteer fire-fighters. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Ovilla Fire Department, please contact Fire Chief Kennedy.