The governing body of Ovilla conducted two public hearings on September 12, 2022, approving the FY2022-2023 Budget and Operation of Services for the City of Ovilla and approving a property tax rate decrease. 

Council Approval and adoption

FY 2022-2023 Budget

Council vote page 2022-2023. adopted.reduced

iStat Flyer - August Severe Weather  Flooding - Ellis CO


The City of Ovilla has entered into and is asking residents to practice Stage 1- Voluntary Water Awareness.  Ovilla defines 5-levels of water conservation in partnership with Dallas Water Utilities to ensure adequate water supply for Ovilla water customers.  

With the implementation of Stage 1, Watering restrictions are currently in effect. Irrigation of landscaped areas with hose-end sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems is prohibited between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm until further notice.   

Please refer to the watering schedule outlined in City of Ovilla Ordinance 07-008:

Watering Days

Last Digit in House Number

Mondays and Thursdays

0, 1, 2, and 3

Tuesdays and Fridays

4, 5, and 6

Wednesdays and Saturdays

7, 8, and 9

No watering on Sundays



The City of Ovilla will be updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) in the upcoming future. The HMP identifies natural hazards and vulnerabilities, assesses risks and identifies mitigation initiatives to reduce or eliminate future losses resulting from those hazards. We want our community to participate in this process by taking this quick 5-minute survey.  All the information collected from this survey will be anonymous.  Please click the link below to participate in the survey.

The City has openings on various boards.  We welcome applicants.  Please complete a board application and submit either by email, mail, fax or drop off at Ovilla City offices.  

  • Email to Bobbie Jo Taylor -  
  • FAX: 972-515-3221
  • MAIL: 105 S. Cockrell Hill Road, Ovilla, TX 75154



Founders Park Development Underway

During the fiscal year (FY2021-2022) budget process Council approved improvements to Founders Park, the area behind the city facilities.  A park enhancement project is currently underway, to include a new pavilion, public restrooms, and walking trails through Founders Park.  The week of January 25, 2022 is the target date to break ground for the installation of a pavilion.  In the following weeks, concrete work and the installation of the pavilion will occur.  How exciting!  Public restrooms are expected to be installed between the two baseball fields, near the Cindy Jones playground the first week of March 2022.  The smaller baseball field will become a girls’ softball field and will include a baseball field for 10-years old and under players.  New fencing will be installed around the smaller field.  After completion of the pavilion and restrooms, new walking trails will be installed beginning at the childrens park playground connecting to the public restrooms and proceeding around Founders Park area and the new Founders Park Pavilion, and eventually connecting to the city parking lot located at Cockrell Hill Road and Main Street.  This will be a huge enhancement to Founders Park, adding beauty and opportunities to the public for planned events, and providing a place for children to play and families to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors. Walking trails will not only offer a connection to all of the downtown area but also offer a means for residents to maintain health and stay fit. This will be a tangible reflection of the quality of life in the Ovilla community.   The photo is a concept plan of the pavilion.  Actual photos will be forthcoming as the project develops. Concept Plan of Pavilion 01.2022

To receive additional information on your County’s Coronavirus updates including vaccinations and testing, please see the links below. 

Dallas County COVID-19

Ellis County COVID-19

City offices are closed on Monday, October 10 in observance of Columbus / Indigenous People's Day.

Indigenous_columbus 2022

istockphoto-1171832110-612x612 water conservation

Smart (SET) Meters Installed

Through grant funds, the city purchased an electronic water meter data management system.  This offers an online portal to all Ovilla water customers that allows them hourly water consumption and leak detection almost immediately.  

How to log on and create my new customer portal.

SET Portal Registration


CWD 2022 Collection Schedule

CWD 2022 collection schedule

New Rates for Ovilla Residents

New water, wastewater and garbage rates in effect.  The City sustained significant increases in service providers for water, wastewater and garbage services.  This required city officials to make the difficult decision to pass some of these increases to the customer.   Previous rates and new rates comparisons are listed. 


$11.26/MINIMUM0 TO 1000/GAL11.26/MIN
$10.86/1,000 GAL1,001 TO 2,000/GAL$10.51/1000 GAL
$3.91/1,000 GAL2,0001 TO 20,000/GAL$3.65/1000 GAL
$5.08/1,000 GAL20,001 TO 40,000/GAL$4.75/1000 GAL
$6.26/1000 GAL40,001 TO 60,000/GAL$5.85/1000 GAL
$7.44/1000 GAL60,001 TO 80,000/GAL$6.95/1000 GAL
$8.61/1000 GAL80,001 TO 100,000/GAL$8.05/ 1000 GAL
$9.79/1000 GAL100,001 & UP$9.15/ 1000 GAL

FLAT BASE RATE$14.00$14.00
PER 1000/GAL$11.00$10.27




REGULAR  (RATE CODE 1)$16.85$1.39$18.24
SENIOR 65+  (RATE CODE 2)$15.47$1.28$16.75
COMMERCIAL26.75/PER CART$2.21$28.96