1. Ellis County Burn Ban in effect

    Pursuant to minute order 329.19, a burn ban is enacted for all of Ellis County. Read on...
  2. Veterans Stone Pavers available

    Do you know someone that served in the armed services that you would like to honor? Stone pavers are available for purchase at $100 each place at the Veterans Memorial at Heritage Park. Contact Charlie Morton for information at chmorton@airmail.net.
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Heritage Day September 28, 2019

Ovilla Flyer.001

The City of Ovilla is currently searching for board member applicants.  If you are interested in volunteering your time to be on a board, please fill out a board member application and turn it in to City Hall.  There are vacancies on the Board of Adjustment and the Park Board. 

The City of Ovilla will be having a hazardous waste clean up day this Saturday 9/14/2019 from 8:00am to noon. The location will be next to the police department in the open field. This will be for hazardous waste only. There is a maximum limit of 5-6 gallons of paint from any one resident and all hazardous waste must be generated from residential use. Acceptable materials are, a. Aerosols containing flammable or hazardous material such as paint b. Lubricant – automotive/household compressor oil, cutting oil, etc. c. Art/hobby supplies – adhesive, paint, cleaners, correction fluid, photography chemicals d. Other household – fluorescent tubes/bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), thermostats, thermometers e. Automotive products – cleaners, lubricant, solvent, fuel, brake fluid, antifreeze, carburetor cleaner, metal conditioner, engine degreaser, fuel additives, used motor oil, used oil filters, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, batteries, oil rags, polishes, waxes f. Paint – aerosols, hobby/automotive/household latex and oil-based paint products including thinner, lacquer, linseed oil, primer, stain, varnish, stripper caulking, glue, wood preservatives g. Cooking oil h. Batteries – automotive and household i. Personal products – nail polish, polish remover, rubbing alcohol, shoe polish, spot remover j. Household cleaners – bleach, cleaning compounds, floor stripper, drain cleaner, tile remover, tile cleaner, rust remover k. Household/auto polish, degreaser, rug/upholstery cleaner, etc. l. Poison – household/garden poison (insecticide, herbicide, fungicide), bait, fertilizer, etc. m. Flammables – automotive/household solvent, fuel, paint, lubricant, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid, mineral spirit n. Thermostats/thermometers containing mercury o. Swimming pool chemicals – pool acid; chlorine tablets, treatment liquids.


Municipal Court Judge Scott Kurth administering the Oath of Office to Mayor Richard Dormier during the May 13, 2019 Regular Council Meeting.


Municipal Court Judge Scott Kurth administering the Oath of Office to Place 2 Councilmember Dean Oberg during the May 13, 2019 Regular Council Meeting.