Water Management Plan

Levels of Water Conservation
Ordinance 07.008, Water Management Plan defines 5 different levels of water conservation in partnership with Dallas Water Utilities to ensure adequate water supply for Ovilla water customers:

  1. Year Round Water Use Management
  2. Stage 1 - Voluntary Water Awareness
  3. Stage 2 - Mandatory Water Watch
  4. Stage 3 - Water Crisis
  5. Stage 4 - Water Emergency
Currently, Ovilla is under Year Round Water Use Management.

Year Round Water Use Management
  1. A person, business, or entity who obtains water directly or indirectly from the City shall comply with this section at all times throughout the year.
  2. The following constitute a waste of water and are prohibited:
Operating a permanently installed irrigation system with:
  • A broken head; or
  • A head that is out of adjustment where the arc of the spray head is over a street or parking lot.
During irrigation, whether though a permanently installed system, hand held hose, or a hose with a sprinkler head attached:

  • Allowing water to run off a property such that there is a trail of water that is running in the street for a distance of 50 feet or greater: or
  • Allowing water to pond in the street or parking lot to a depth greater than 1/4 an inch.
Though not a requirement in Year Round Water Use Management, it is always a good practice to water lawns after 6:00 PM and not after 10:00 AM during the day.
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