Addressing the City Council

Speaking at Council Meetings

Citizens/residents may speak at a Council meeting on either agenda items or non-related agenda items. Forms to address the Council are located on the entrance table and must be completed and submitted to the City Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting. Groups that want to address the same item are asked to select a spokesperson.

Any handouts or audio visual aids to be presented must have those items available to the City Manager or City Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting. Eight copies of any presentation or handout are required. 

Although Council is unable to discuss your topic or take specific action during the Citizen's Comment/Forum, Council may have the item(s) placed on a future agenda for action or refer the item to staff for study, recommendation or conclusion.

If you have questions regarding a request to speak at a Council meeting, please contact the City Secretary's office: 972.617.7262. 

 Citizen Comment Form

You may contact your Mayor or Council Member by clicking on the listed names below or send an email to the city secretary and she can forward a request to your governing member.

Mayor Richard Dormier

Place 1 Kimberly Case

Place 2 Dean Oberg

Place 3 David Griffin

Place 4 Doug Hunt

Place 5 Brad Piland

City Secretary Bobbie Jo Taylor