Permits Required

Various permits are required to ensure that a standard of design, material and workmanship is met in compliance with Ovilla's Code of Ordinances. In addition to all new homes, but not limited to, listed below are other required permits: 

Accessory Buildings

Any Type Add-On/Alteration



Fence (new, repairs or replacements)

Flat Work (concrete)

Garage Sales

Mechanical (HVAC)

Patio Covers



Septic Systems (new, repairs or replacements)


Sprinkler System

Swimming Pools

Water Heater

Please fill out a permit application and submit to City Hall for review and approval process.  Some permits that are applied for are not issued on the same day, so plan accordingly.  If your permit has a contractor involved, please have them fill out a contractor registration form and submit with supporting documents. PLEASE SEE THE FORMS SECTION FOR APPLICATIONS.

If you are unsure if you need a permit, please contact the Code Enforcement Department for assistance.